Puranpoli – A traditional maharashtrian recipe

Puranpoli is one of the traditional recipe in every maharashtrian household. It is a type of sweet dish which is usually prepared for festivals, especially on the occasion of Holi festival. There are different versions of this recipe; I have prepared using half wheat flour and half all purpose flour. Her is my detailed recipe of Puranpoli which I learned from my mother and mother-in law 🙂


1 Cup bengal gram (chana) daal

1 Cup wheat flour

1 Cup all purpose flour

1 Cup grated jaggery

Pinch of turmeric

Ghee (clarified butter) as per requirement

Oil to kneed the dough

1/4 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp of nutmeg powder

1/2 tsp of cardamom powder

Rice flour as per requirement


How to make Puran:

Soak chana daal for few hours after washing it thoroughly (I usually soak it for overnight but you can soak it for 2-3 hours as well). Add the soaked chana daal in the pressure cooker. Add 2-3 cups of water in cooker and wait until 5-6 whistles (ensure daal is properly cooked as we need to grind it further to make puran). Once the cooker cools down, remove access water from daal (You can save this excess water to make katachi aamati). Now, mash the boiled daal with spatula to make a paste.

Take a pan on gas with medium flame, once pan is hot, add mashed daal and grated jaggery. Keep stirring the mixture till jaggery starts melting. Key is to ensure you get the correct consistency (refer below pictures for puran consistency. If spatula is able to stand still in the mixture means your Puran is ready). Use mixer grinder or puran machine(we get this in India) to turn it into smooth paste. Or you can sieve it to make a clear smooth paste and then add nutmeg, cardamom powder to it.

How to make Dough:

Mix wheat and all purpose flour together with water. Add salt and oil as required. Mix the dough till it softens , if required add more oil or water. I have added little turmeric in dough to get the colour. Let dough rest for some time in a bowl with the lid on.

Make balls of Puran and dough, refer images below (as thumbrule, puran balls should be slightly larger in size).

How to make puranpoli:

Cover the puran inside dough balls and roll it into thin chapati. Use butter paper or cotton cloth below puranpoli while rolling. To ensure it does not stick, dust rice flour on the surface which you are using for rolling the puran poli. Switch on the gas on medium flame. Once pan is hot, add the puranpoli to fry. Flip the puranpoli, once it rises a bit. If possible, use hands to flip the poli, as spatula might break it. Add ghee on the puranpoli and fry it properly on both sides.

Once it is cooked on both side, take it out on paper towel/cotton cloth. If required you can apply ghee over it. Our hot Puranpoli is ready to serve, you can enjoy it will cold milk or ghee.

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