Ghavane – An Indian Rice Flour Crepe


Ghavane is a recipe from west coast of Maharashtra in India which is nothing but a rice flour crepe. It is mainly a breakfast recipe and can be enjoyed with coconut chutney or just with tea. It also goes well with any spicy gravy specially with chicken curry.

To make Ghavane, you’ll need cast iron pan. Non stick pan will also work but iron pan gives nice texture and taste to it.

Lets see how to make Ghavane!!!


1 Cup of any rice

Salt to taste

Oil for frying


First wash the rice properly and then soak it in enough water for overnight (at least 8 hours). After enough soaking, grind it into smooth paste. Ensure to make a smooth and fine paste, if required add water. After grinding our batter is ready, it should not be very thick so if required add water into the paste and stir properly. Add salt to the batter and stir again.

Heat a pan on high flame and add oil to it. Spread oil properly to cover the pan. When pan and oil are heated properly, take batter in a ladle and spread it over the pan. Stir batter properly before pouring onto the hot pan as water separates out from batter and rice flour paste sinks to the bottoms. Thus every time, first stir the batter properly to ensure it is mixed well and then pour it on the pan. Cover the pan with lid and let it cook for 1 minute, after 1 min remove the cover and flip onto the other side. Ghavane will be cooked in another 1-2 minutes, ensure it is properly cooked from both sides. Then take it on to the plate.

Few Tips:

Batter should be thin but do not make it watery. Else, you won’t be able to make proper Ghavane, it will stick to the pan and won’t be soft.

Ensure pan is hot throughout the cooking.

As water separates from rice flour, stir the batter properly before pouring onto the hot pan.

Start pouring the batter from outer edge of the pan, as outer side of the pan takes longer time to cook than centre.

Do try this recipe, Happy eating !!


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