Kandi Pedha – An Indian Sweet

Sweets….an integral part of Indian festivals, our meals won’t be complete without any sweet dish. One can find variety of sweet dishes or desserts in India and Pedha is one of them.

Pedha is made using basic ingredients like milk, sugar and then can be flavoured as per your choice. So, as you travel to different states of India, you’ll find variety in Pedha’s.

Here I am going to share recipe of Kandi Pedha which is famous in Maharashtra which comes from ‘Satara’ city of Maharashtra. Pedha making process needs lot of patience as it requires to evaporate the milk to solid granules. Kandi pedha has fudge like texture and not too sweet, hence you can actually relish more than one at a time. We can use any full fat milk either cow or buffalo, it will slightly change the colour of the Pedha. I have used Full fat cow milk and thus colour turned out as light brown.

As mentioned earlier you need to work patiently with milk to make tasty Pedha at home. And nothing beats homemade Pedha so its worth the efforts. Below proportion will yield 18 medium sized Pedha (refer above image for size).


2 Litre full fat milk

1/3 cup sugar

2 tsp cardamom powder


Take milk in a thick bottom vessel and switch on the gas on medium flame. Let the milk boil on medium flame. Once milk starts boiling, keep stirring to ensure it won’t sticks to the bottom of pan. We need to keep boiling this milk until liquid completely evaporates to solid form. Keep stirring patiently and do allow it to spill outside or stick to the bottom of pan. Also, we need to boil it on medium slow flame else milk might burn due to high temperature.

It took me almost 3 hours to solidify 2 litres of milk. As milk starts solidify, its quantity will reduce and colour will change from white to light brown. When milk is almost solidify to soft dough, add sugar to it and mix well. When we add sugar, due to temperature it will melt and will soften the pedha dough. Thus keep heating it on low flame until milk completely evaporates, then add cardamom powder to it. Switch off the gas and let the mixture cool down. Do not overcook it, else it won’t taste good. Thus as soon as milk completely evaporates and it turned into soft dough like mix then remove the pan from the gas.

Once mixture is completely cooled down, mix it properly with the help of hand and roll it into small Pedha. If you have any mould you can shape it else ideal shape is round for Kandi Pedha.

Kandi Pedha are ready for celebrations!! If you wish, can garnish it with saffron or nuts, otherwise they taste awesome just like that.

If you want to save the efforts and time you can use readymade Khawa/Khoya/Mawa if its available for you. Heat the Khawa on medium flame, add sugar and solidify it. You can also make pedha with this method but taste will depend on the store bought Khawa. Thus quality of khawa will alter the taste.

I hope you like the recipe, let me know your feedback. Happy eating !!

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