Chocolate Ice-cream

This is an easy peasy ice cream recipe which requires only 3 ingredients. Very easy and perfect for summer.


1 cup of thick cream

1/2 cup of condensed milk

1/2 cocoa powder


Using hand blender, whip the cream until soft peaks are formed (refer image below). Ensure that cream is chilled before whipping. Also keep blades of blender and bowl which will be used for whipping in the fridge for some time. Chilled blades & bowl will help to whip the cream nicely.

Once soft peaks are formed, add condensed milk and cocoa powder. Fold everything properly, do not use blender again else it will spoil the texture of the ice cream.

Pour the mixture in the air tight container and freeze it for 7-8 hours. Your ice cream is ready after 6-8 hours, garnish it with chocolate chips or chocolate syrup.

Enjoy !!

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