Maharashtrian Koshimbir| Simple Salad Recipe


Maharashtrian Koshimbir Recipe’ – In my native language salad is called as ‘Koshimbir‘ and in this post I am going to share a recipe which is very simple, easy yet enjoyable. The best part, you’ll need some handy ingredients from the kitchen and will be ready under 15 minutes.

In my previous few posts I mentioned about maharashtrian thali, so this koshimbir is also integral part of the thali. At my home, back in India koshimbir is a staple food. And you can make slight modifications to try different variations of the recipe. But overall this salad provides perfect complement to the regular meal, so let’s jump to the recipe.



1 cucumber

2 tomatoes

1 small onion

2 tbsp curd

Coriander leaves

Salt to taste

Pinch of sugar

(proportion for 3-4 people)


Finely chop cucumber, tomatoes and onions. I have used British cucumber and red onions which adds vibrancy to this dish. You can use available variety of vegetables.

You can modify the proportion of vegetables as per taste. I usually add more cucumber and tomatoes than onions in my koshimbir. Too many onions give strong smell which I don’t prefer but if you like then feel free to add it.

Toss them together in a mixing bowl.

Add salt, sugar into the bowl and give a gentle stir. You can serve like this, if vegan version of koshimbir is preferred. Else, add curd to the mixing bowl, give it a stir. Lastly, add some freshly chopped coriander into it. And Koshimbir is ready to serve.

Isn’t an easy-peasy salad recipe?

As I mentioned earlier, you can also try versions of this basic recipe. Coarsely ground roasted peanuts goes well in this recipe and gives amazing flavour. Similarly, you can add tempering of cumin, mustard, curry leaves and asafoetida. Super easy and delightful recipe for the palate.


I hope you’ll like this recipe and would love to try. If there is any feedback then let me know in the comments section.

Maharastrian Koshimbir

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