Batata Kaap| Fried Crisp Potato Slices

Batata Kaap

Batata Kaap‘ are shallow fried potato slices coated with some spices and semolina. It is slightly crisp from outside while soft from inside. This can be served as a side dish with dal-rice or roti-sabzi. I usually like to relish it with yellow dal or masoor gravy along with rice. Recipe is super simple and quick as well, all you need – potato and some basic powdered spices. I add some rice flour along with semolina in the coating to make it crispy. Also, I prefer to use coarse semolina rather than fine since it gives perfect texture to these slices. And, if you like spicy then add some extra red chilli powder.

Let’s check the recipe below !!


1 big potato or 2 medium sized potatoes

4 tbsp coarse semolina

2 tbsp rice flour

1 tsp red chilli powder

1 tsp kashmiri chilli powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Salt as per taste (approx. 1 tsp)

4-5 tbsp oil for shallow frying


Wash the potato and remove its skin using grater. You can either remove the skin or keep it, that’s perfectly fine. Slice the peeled potato into round shape. Make medium sized slices, not too thick or not too thin. Remember, thick slices will need more time for cooking. Once sliced, soak it into water at room temperature to avoid oxidisation.

Next, discard the water and add powdered spices over it. Rub these spices thoroughly, to cover each slice perfectly. Do not add salt at this point, else it will release water and spice mixture won’t stick to slices. Once potatoes are marinated, keep it aside for 10-15 minutes. You can marinate the potato and fry them just before serving the food. So that, it can be served hot and fresh from the pan.

Mix semolina and rice flour together for coating. Turn on the pan to high heat, once pan is hot add 1 tbsp oil and spread it using brush.

Meanwhile, add salt to the marinated potato slices and mix well. Then coat each slice with semolina-rice mixture. Once oil is hot, transfer each coated slice to the pan. Turn heat to medium and fry these slices. Again add another 2-3 tbsp of oil from top for cooking. Once it is cooked from one side, flip over and cook from other side as well.

You can make some extra semolina-rice mixture if required. And if there is any leftover mixture then, store it in airtight container in the freezer. Frozen mixture can be used used for another 6-8 weeks.

Fry until golden yellow from both sides, it should take 8-10 minutes for frying. Give some extra frying time for crisp coating. To make firm coating, always transfer slices to the pan when it is hot. It will help to hold coating to the potato slices and won’t fall off.

Once potatoes are fried, transfer it on paper towel to remove any extra oil.

‘Batata Kaap’ are ready to serve. Serve them while hot with your main meal. You can also serve it as a snack with tea or coffee. Enjoy it with ketchup or green chutney, it will make a perfect evening snacks.

If you like this recipe then do let me know in the comment section. In case of any feedback, I am all ears.

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