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Drumsticks Curry

If you are wondering what is drumsticks curry then please don’t get confused 😉

Drumsticks are immature long, slender and triangular seed pods of Moringa tree. Moringa tree is very commonly found in India; its leaves and immature seed pods are commonly used as vegetables. Moringa leaves are known for its traditional herbal benefits and due to this its widely used in many recipes.

Drumsticks are commonly used in Sambar recipe but in this post, I am going to share recipe of curry using drumsticks. This curry is our family favourite and goes well with rice or chapati. These drumsticks pods are slightly hard from outside, hence prepared by parboiling until it turns soft. Soft seeds has little sweet and earthy taste but good source of dietary fibre, also high in vitamin C.

In India, drumsticks are easily available at local vegetable vendor. In fact I have found drumsticks in UK and USA at Indian grocery stores. So if you like this recipe you know where to find it to make yummy drumsticks curry 😀


5-6 whole drumsticks

2 medium sized potatoes

2 large tomatoes

1 small onion

2 tbsp onion-coconut paste

1 tbsp oil

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 red chilli powder

1 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp garam masala

2 tsp roasted peanut powder (optional)

Salt as per taste

Water as per requirement


Start with chopping the vegetables. Wash drumsticks and cut it into 2 inch long pieces. It has slightly hard outer shell but can be easily peeled. Cut and peel it into approximately 2 inch long pieces (Refer below images).

Peel and cut potatoes lengthwise or in cubes as per choice (soak it into water to avoid oxidisation). Next chop tomatoes into big cubes and finally finely chopped onions.

In a hot pan pour oil and once oil is hot add mustard seeds. Mustard seeds will start spluttering then add cumin seeds. Next add finely chopped onions into the pan. Stir the onions for few seconds and then add turmeric, chilli and coriander powder into the pan. Stir well and allow to cook the spices (if required add splash of water). Next we will add potatoes and allow it to cook. After couple of minutes add drumsticks, chopped tomatoes and mix well.

At this stage, I add my homemade onion-coconut paste. I generally use this paste in most of my curry dishes as it enhances the taste of any gravy. How to prepare this paste – use 1:1 proportion of roughly chopped onions and coconut (dry or fresh). Fry them in oil until they turn brown and grind into fine thick paste. You can store this paste in freezer for 1 month and use it whenever required. In this curry, I am going to use around 2 tbsp of this paste.

Mix everything thoroughly, add salt, garam masala and water (approximately 1&1/2 cups). Cover the pan and allow it to cook. Adjust water as per required consistency, I don’t prefer too thin curry.

Optionally, you can add roasted peanut powder at this stage.

Once drumsticks turns soften, simmer it for couple of minutes. Once drumsticks are cooked, it will change colour from bright green to light green to brown. Our curry is ready to serve.

This proportion is enough for 3-4 people.

My personal choice is to enjoy it with hot steamed rice and pickle on side. But it also goes well with chapati or roti.

I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe, incase of any feedback do let me know. Happy cooking 🙂 🙂

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  1. Drumsticks curry is so delicious. Thank you 😊

    1. Thank you so much, so glad that you liked it !!!

      1. Yes. You are welcome 😊

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