Crispy Maharashtrian Kothimbir Vadi

Kothimbir Vadi

Kothimbir Wadi‘ is a popular Maharashtrian snack which is very similar to fritters. Kothimbir means coriander in my language and wadi is similar to fritters. As name suggests, it is prepared using fresh coriander leaves while gram flour is used for binding. Kothimbir wadi is mildly spicy in taste with crunchy and crispy texture. I like to add little bit of rice flour along with besan/gram flour; it adds wonderful crunch to the recipe. Also, carom seeds or ajwain/ova (as known locally) is a wonderful ingredient and my favourite in this recipe. Ajwain adds subtle flavours and aroma to the kothimbir wadi.

To make Kothimbir Wadi, first we prepare a simple mixture using chopped coriander, flour and seasoning. Then it needs to be steamed and divided into small pieces. Finally, fry them into hot oil. You can either deep fry or shallow; either ways its tastes delicious. You can prepare steamed wadi in advance and keep refrigerated. And, before serving just remove from fridge and fry them in hot oil.

We generally serve kothimbir wadi as a side dish along with dal-rice. But this can also be enjoyed as evening or tea-time snack. Hot & crispy kothimbir wadi along with some ketchup and chai is my ultimate combo for rainy afternoon. So, without any further delay, let’s check detailed stepwise recipe below!!


1 tightly packed cup of fresh coriander leaves

1 cup of besan/gram flour

2 tbsp rice flour

1 tsp ajwain/carom seeds

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp chilli powder

Salt as per tastes


In a mixing bowl, add coarsely chopped coriander and powdered spices.

And flours into above mixture and season with salt.

Mix mix mix and gradually add water until everything is well combined.

Don’t let mixture become too watery, add just enough water so that everything is bind together.

Please refer below images for consistency. Take a tray or plate and grease it with oil.

Pour all the mixture into it to form a single layer.

Steam this mixture in a steamer or pressure cook (without whistle) for 15 minutes.

Once steamed, insert a tip of knife and check if it’s come out clean to ensure it is cooked properly.

Next, divide the steamed cake into desired shapes. As mentioned earlier, you can refrigerate steamed wadi and fry them in oil just before serving. You can store it in refrigerator for 5-6 days.

And fry steamed wadi in oil. If you wish to stay less on oil, shallow fry else deep fried wadi tastes amazing. But both ways you can enjoy it thoroughly.

Shallow frying

Take a pan over high heat and add oil. Once oil is hot, turn heat to medium and tip in steamed wadi into the pan.

Don’t crowd the pan, just arrange them next to each other.

Drizzle some oil over the top and fry them over medium heat until golden brown on both sides.

Deep Frying

Take a wok or deep frying pan over high heat. Add oil into it.

Once oil is hot, add steamed wadi gently into it.

Fry them over medium heat until golden brown.

You can fry 4-5 wadi’s together, depending upon size of pan and wadi’s you made.

(Tips for frying – ensure oil is hot enough before adding wadi into it, else kothimbir wadi turns out greasy. Fry them on medium heat, to ensure it thoroughly cooked inside-out, otherwise it might cooked just from outside and not inside.)

Kothimbir Wadi is ready to serve. Enjoy it as a side dish or snack with cup of Chai, it tastes just amazing.

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Kothimbir Vadi

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