Nachaniche Laadu | Fingermillet Laddu

Raagi/ finger millet is one of the rich crop due to its multiple health benefits. It is beneficial to incorporate millets in our daily diet. I am sharing here my recipe of raagi laadu which will help us to boost energy level.


1 cup raagi flour

1 cup dates without seeds

1/2 cup chopped almonds

3 tbsp ghee or clarified butter


Dry roast raagi flour in a pan on medium flame. Around 10 min should be enough to roast the raagi flour. Grind chopped dates in a blender then add chopped almonds to it. At the end add dry roasted raagi flour and grind them together, just a single whist to ensure everything mix well. Now, take a mixture on a plate let it cool. Add ghee to it and roll them into laadu. If you want to add more ghee then its fine to help rolling the laadu. Raagi laadu’s are ready, they are packed with nutrients and good as mid day snack.

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