Rose Kulfi !!

Kulfi is a frozen desserts made using milk. Milk & dry fruits are main ingredients of this recipe. But you can flavour it as you want,I have given rose flavours to my kulfi using rose water and dried rose petals. Let’s check out my recipe of rose kulfi.


1.5 litres of full fat milk

1/2 cups of sugar

1/2 tsp of rose water

Around 2 tbsp of crushed dry fruits and dried rose petals

1/2 tsp pink food colour (optional)


Boil the milk in a thick bottom pan on medium flame. Occasionally keep stirring to ensure milk does not stick to the bottom of a pan. Continue boiling the milk so that it reduced half to the original quantity. Add sugar, rose water, dry fruits & petals mixture to the boiled milk. Let everything mix properly and then switch off the gas. Allow to cool down milk to the room temperature. Add food colour if you wish and mix it well.

Pour this milk into kulfi moulds or loaf tin to set the kulfi. Cover kulfi moulds or tin with foil paper to avoid forming ice layer over the kulfi. Keep it in a freezer for around 8 hours and then your Kulfi will be ready!!

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