Ghavane Recipe || Indian Rice Flour Crepe


Ghavane‘ or ‘Ghavan‘ is a traditional breakfast recipe from Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. This recipe does not require any sort of fermentation and makes a quick, easy breakfast. Ghavan is very soft, spongy and thin dosa similar to neer dosa. It is thin like a crepe prepared using rice flour batter. Traditionally ghavan is served for breakfast with tea but it goes very well with chutney or any spicy gravy. I often make ghavane with my homestyle chicken rassa for lunch and my family enjoy this combo.

Recipe of ghavan is pretty straightforward, overnight soak the rice, grind it into thin, smooth batter and make ghavan on hot griddle. I use sona masuri rice for this recipe and it works best. Back in India, parboiled rice is also used for the recipe. Alternately, for ease you can try this recipe with rice flour as well. Prepare thin paste of rice flour using water and make a ghavan out of it. It will be super quick but there will be slight difference in taste and texture.

I use my seasoned cast iron pan to make ghavan which I bought back in India. This special pan (known as Bhidacha tawa) is specifically used to make ghavan and usually easily available in Konkan, India. It gives lovely texture to the recipe, so i would suggest if you don’t have this special pan then try to use cast iron griddle only. Non-stick pans might not give same taste or texture to the recipe. So, without any further ado, let’s jump to the recipe –


1 cup of sona masuri rice

Salt to taste

Oil/ghee for frying

(proportion for 2-3 people)


Take a rice in a separate bowl and wash it thoroughly.

Soak it in sufficient water for overnight or at least 8-10 hours.

Once soaked enough, blend it into smooth and thin paste. Batter should not be thick, so adjust the consistency with water. It should be thin, watery kind of consistency.

Once batter is ready, add salt and mix it together.

Warm the cast iron griddle on high heat and add oil into it. Spread the oil to cover the pan.

Once pan is very hot, mix the batter thoroughly and with the help of ladle, pour batter onto the pan.

Ensure batter is spread throughout the pan. (Since consistency of batter is thin, it will be automatically spread and cover the pan)

Turn heat to medium and cover the pan for 1 minute.

After a minute, remove the lid and flip over the ghavan. It will be cooked in another 1-2 minutes.

Once ghavan is cooked from both sides, take it out from the pan.

Similarly, finish rest of the batter to make ghavane.

Few Tips:

  • Consistency of batter is important, it should be thin and watery. Else, it will stick to the pan, won’t be soft and ruin the recipe.
  • Ensure pan is hot enough throughout the cooking.
  • As water separates and rice flour settles at the bottom, keep stirring the batter. Ensure batter is thoroughly mixed every-time before adding onto the griddle.
  • Start pouring the batter from outer edge of the pan, as outer side of pan takes longer time to cook than centre.

Enjoy this hot ghavan for breakfast with hot cup of tea and coconut chutney.


I hope you find this recipe helpful and would love to try it out. As always thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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