Instant Rawa Idli Recipe

Rawa Idli

If you are looking for an easy and instant breakfast options then you must try this Rawa Idli. Typically, Idli is prepared using fermented batter. And to prepare this batter first you need to soak the dals then grind them and ferment. Fermentation process takes 8-12 hours depending upon temperature of the region. Thus preparing Idli’s needs planning and enough time but this rawa idli batter requires just 45 minutes of soaking and you’ll get nice fluffy Idli’s in no time๐Ÿ˜‹ These Idli’s goes well with spicy coconut chutney or you can enjoy it on its own. I like to add cashews in the tempering which further gives nice taste to Idli’s.

And, this is perfect recipe for lunch box or you can pack it in tiffin for long journeys. In this post, I have shared proportion for 14-17 Idli’s. Use coarse white semolina instead of fine one for better results. This white semolina is also known as ‘Bombay Rawa’ and easier to find in India. But you can try this recipe with Idli rawa which is easily available in Indian grocery stores in UK.

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1 cup of Rawa or Semolina

1 cup of yogurt/curd

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp chana/bengal gram dal

1 tsp urad dal

Handful of cashew cut into halves

1/2 tsp soda/ sodium bicarbonate

Few curry leaves

Salt to taste

Water as per requirement


Mix semolina and curd together, add salt as per taste. Ensure curd is smooth and thick. Mix this batter thoroughly and keep it aside for at least 45 minutes.

Next start preparations for tempering. Take a small pan on medium heat and add oil into it. Once oil is hot, add mustard seeds. Seeds will start spluttering then add curry leaves, chana dal and urad dal. Add cashews at the end and let it roast slightly. Once tempering is ready remove it from heat and keep aside. Add it into the batter after 45 minutes and mix.

At this point, batter is very thick hence need to add water to get perfect consistency. Carefully add water until it is semi thick and can be poured into the moulds for steaming. Refer below image for consistency, it should not be watery but thin enough to pour and steam into the moulds.

Add soda into this batter and whisk it gently. Always add soda, at the very end – just before transferring into moulds for steaming.

Grease the Idli mould and pour this batter into the mould. Steam these Idli’s for 10-15 minutes over hot boiling water.

To check whether Idli’s are ready or not – touch top of Idli with wet fingertips if batter is not sticking to the fingertip then its ready. Another way to check by inserting toothpick and if it comes out clean then Idli is ready.

Cool down the mould and Idli’s can be removed from moulds easily. Rawa Idli’s are ready to serve. They are soft, spongy and dal-cashew tempering further enhances the taste.

This is a perfect satiating breakfast and even makes a superb brunch !!

I hope you liked this recipe and would love to try it out. I have also posted recipe of millet idli on my blog which you can also checkout.

Happy Cooking and do let me know your feedback in the comments ๐Ÿ˜Š

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